Loneliness Kills. Literally.


Solitary confinement is the ultimate punishment. More than hanging around with a bunch of murderers and rapists. Think about it.

Where there’s a womb, there’s a way.


I have this tendency to make provocative choices. Really, I don’t mean to inflame. My TEDMED was called “Innovate Where it Hurts” because that’s what I’m passionate about. The stronger the pain, the more my belly is on fire.

Stop looking at yourself on Zoom!

Zoom Photo

Remember the good old days, before the pandemic, when we used to sit in team meetings with a mirror in the middle of the table, so we can all make sure our hair looks ok as we discuss our go-to-market strategy?

Can a photo protect us from a raging tiger?

In most parts of the planet, there is no raging tiger on the highway, but the same primitive part of our brain is activated when someone annoys us and tries to cut our lane. Unfortunately, our brains are designed to retain and store trauma and bad experiences in the name of survival. To protect us.

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