Master Class #1:

Hacking Your Blind SpotsTM

Client: HP Indigo
Client: GETT Delivery

What you can’t see, can hurt you.

When learning to drive, we are taught to take precautionary steps due to blind spots in the front and rear view mirrors. But, who teaches us about blind spots in our professional undertakings? In our business initiatives? On the highway of life?


The life and death of your project depends on your peripheral vision.

When promoting a culture of innovation, vital information about stakeholders (advocates or antagonists) is at times hidden right before our very eyes, but we just don’t see it. What we don’t see may be the most crucial element to defining a successful outcome. Companies must develop bold awareness to their blind spots, starting with acknowledging they exist, and adopt a novel approach to mitigating them. The need to tackle this topic is underscored during an era that we cannot meet with all of our stakeholders in person. Advanced and alternative communication and analytical skills are needed.

HACKING YOUR BLIND SPOTS™️ was developed to help teams to gain:

  1. An entrepreneurial mindset in order to thrive, rather than be stressed by uncertainty and ambiguity.
  2. Awareness to the concept of blind spots obstructing personal, team and company growth.
  3. Tools to develop “bionic vision” to uncover the previously unknown as it relates to stakeholders and their motivations.
  4. Techniques for increasing personal and professional resilience, driving overall corporate resilience.
  5. The ability to identify [unhelpful] automatic actions/habits and adopt a more flexible mindset and tackle a challenge from a new angle, to improve results.
  6. Improved communication and collaboration with stakeholders.

Per a recent report issued by the World Economic Forum in October 2020, the above skills are critical “…as the double-disruption“ [pandemic + job automation] takes effect.

The content is based on in-depth studies in Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Philosophy, Mindfulness and Co-Active Coaching (CTI), along with hands-on entrepreneurial experience.

Client: GETT Delivery
Client: HP Indigo

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