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Organizations  hire talent


Talent aspires to innovate


Then WHY are organizations 

bleeding talent

and struggling to innovate?


Good news.

The answer is hidden right before your very eyes.

It’s YOU. 

It’s YOUR ability, as a leader, to adopt an Entrepreneurial Mindset. 

It’s YOUR responsibility, as an executive, to cultivate Intrapreneurs within your team.


Your team definitely has the potential to innovate. But the magic happens when you convert them to loyal and high performing Intrapreneurs (entrepreneurs within an organization), who take risk and initiative to drive exponential company growth. 

An Entrepreneurial Mindset entails learning these essential Power Skills:

  • Resilience when faced with internal or external roadblocks 

  • Navigating uncertainty and ambiguity with ease

  • Aligning complex stakeholder agendas

  • Having a "Reason Why" (hint: beyond a monthly paycheck)

  • Taking bold and decisive action

  • Learning and growing from failure

Once the Entrepreneurial Mindset is engrained among executives, it should be developed among mid-level managers and professional teams to accelerate the creation of Intrapreneurs. The deeper this mindset is built-in to the culture, the more the organization will reap the benefits, keep the ‘talent’ and stimulate ongoing initiative and innovation. 

Tzameret is a seasoned entrepreneur who overcame extreme adversity to fulfil her vision. She attributes much of her success to indispensable Intrapreneurs. With that in mind, she is passionate about and dedicated to inspiring and training senior executives, mid-level managers and project/sales teams to become the next generation of Intrapreneurs through highly motivating Keynote Talks, engaging Master Classes and supplementary 1on1 Executive Coaching*.      

*Highly limited availability.  



Tzameret Fuerst (Wikipedia), Israeli-American, is a serial social entrepreneur and global keynote speaker. Tzameret established and led various businesses and initiatives to help save lives among at-risk populations. She is guided by a strong desire to spark scalable social impact and action.

Currently Tzameret is the Co-Founder and President of AAID, a technology venture using AI to address the #1 cause of maternal mortality in the world, unsafe abortion, after receiving a significant grant from the prestigious Grand Challenges. Previously Tzameret co-founded and served as CEO of Circ MedTech, developers of PrePex, an FDA and World Health Organization approved medical device for HIV prevention in Africa. The device was personally and publicly endorsed by Bill Gates and hailed as “a revolution in HIV prevention” by the CEO of UNAIDS. She led the company from prototype to commercialization.

Tzameret captivated audiences at renowned events such as TEDMED, TEDx and the opening plenary of the AIPAC annual conference in Washington D.C. before 13,000 attendees. Tzameret has been researching Intrapreneurship and Impact Entrepreneurship and has spoken before hundreds of thousands of people in hundreds of organizations (see partial list) and academic institutions (e.g Wharton, NYU, Technion, Weizmann Institute, TAU, IDC and CKGSB in China).

Tzameret has a wide range of interests that influence and cultivate her lectures and Master Classes, including advanced academic studies in Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Philosophy, Mindfulness, Buddhism and Co-Active Coaching (CTI Coaching). Tzameret holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business. 

PrePex Presentation (13,000 Participants)

AIPAC, Washington DC

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Innovate Where it Hurts

TEDMED, Jerusalem

What I’ll Need Doesn’t Come in a Pill Box

TEDxIDC, Herzliya


Keynote & Master Classes

Marquee Keynote: Vision, meet Reality. 

Tzameret mesmerizes audiences worldwide with her inspiring keynote talk based on her entrepreneurial journey on the unpaved roads of Africa. She tells a spellbinding story about what it really takes to make a grand vision become a global impactful reality. She ignites actions, motivating her audiences to develop resilience in the face of uncertainty and adversity and encourages teams to take bold and unconventional steps to meet and exceed their goals.

Target Audience: ALL. This talk has been delivered to hundreds of thousands of people, in every possible industry, culture and continent (see clients). 

Master Class #1: Hacking Your Blind Spots™

Lessons learned in sweat and tears, written in blood, were codified to create proprietary Master Classes, geared at developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset and cultivating Intrapreneurs.  

The life and death of your project depends on your ability to see broadly and deeply in blurred settings with complex stakeholder motivations and agendas. The Master Class helps develop critical awareness to blind spots in the internal and external stakeholder ecosystem and trains teams on core entrepreneurial muscles: Resilience and Managing Uncertainty. 

Target Audiences: Senior Executives (PRO version), mid-level managers & project/sales teams.

Master Class #2: eXmoments™

Recognizing incremental organizational improvements or groundbreaking innovation is worthless without individuals and teams ready to take bold initiative and action when faced with extraordinary moments of opportunity. This Master Class flexes the core entrepreneurial muscle: Fearless action, at the risk of Failure. 

Target Audiences: Senior Executives (PRO version), mid-level managers & project/sales teams. Prerequisite: Master Class #1.


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