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Tzameret Fuerst
Tzameret Fuerst

Move over boys, it’s the dawn of a new day

Ideas are a dime a dozen, but the life and death of a startup depends on its founder.

That’s what we’re led to believe.

Founders have god-like status in our ecosystem.

That’s what founders want to believe.

It hit me this morning that it’s mostly because I/we grew up in a world where men were the founders ;-).

Move over boys, it’s the dawn of a new day.

I just got out of a conference held at Israel’s beautiful beachside, after listening to a brief talk by Eynat Guez, the founder of Israel’s first-female-founder-unicorn-creator-extraordinaire. In 5 years, she gave birth 3 times to create 1 unicorn. 2 months before each child, the internal prep work began. She had to empower her team to get along without her. Just in case, god forbid, she would be in a situation where she can’t answer messages 24/7. We prepare for war by making sure our shelters are full of canned food for D-day, but what right minded founder would find himself in a situation where 3 times in 5 years, he would train his team to get along without him in the event of his full disappearance for an indefinite time?

Effectively, she gave the organization the greatest gift of all – a solid foundation with a high-performing and loyal team that was able to absorb her “entrepreneurial mindset” like a sponge and in her absence, become Intrapreneurs. This is how I was able to make my startup thrive. The Intrapreneur is the new black. It’ll make your company look better. Oh, and perform better too.

In the picture, me in the little black dress 😉

P.S. For all the men reading this post, don’t take it too hard. You paved the way, but female entrepreneurs are giving birth to a whole new set of insights 🙂

Thank you to Chemi Peres and The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation for celebrating female founders.

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