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Tzameret Fuerst
Tzameret Fuerst

Stop looking at yourself on Zoom!

Remember the good old days, before the pandemic, when we used to sit in team meetings with a mirror in the middle of the table, so we can all make sure our hair looks ok as we discuss our go-to-market strategy?

Oh right, we didn’t do that then. We kinda’ trusted that our hair would be ok for an hour.

So why have we accepted this as the new norm in Zoom meetings? We’re no longer hugging, so when we meet someone over zoom, we let our attention drift?

For half a year now I have been starting each zoom session with an invitation to all meeting participants:


Life-changing. Definitely try it at home.


  1. Hover your mouse on the top right corner of your image till you see the two blue buttons.

  2. Click on the three white dots.

  3. Select HIDE SELF VIEW.

  4. If you still see yourself in a small window on top, click on VIEW GALLERY (which will put you in “view speaker” mode).

  5. It’s reversible. On the top right you’ll see “show self-view”.

  6. Don’t forget! It’s reversible. In the beginning, appoint someone in the meeting to be in charge of your hair. If a sudden gust of wind blows through your home office, you can rest assured you will receive a hair alert. For half a year every meeting of mine has started with laughs. Have fun!

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