Lecture #2

The Lemonade Stand, Entrepreneurship and other MythsTM

This new thought-provoking and action-oriented lecture promises to debunk common myths surrounding entrepreneurship and tap into the intrinsic motivation that ignites the entrepreneurial spirit within individuals working for organizations (aka Intrapreneurship).

Practical skills and actionable insights play an integral role in the interactive experience. Attendees will receive guidance on implementing core principles immediately, contributing to a more resilient and forward-thinking workforce. By enabling participants to experience the concepts in real-time, the lecture promotes a “can-do” attitude to overcome challenges and embrace problem-solving with enthusiasm, driving real organizational change in this era of rapid transformation.

In a world where change is the only constant, a proactive approach to problem-solving is paramount for success.

Target Audiences:

  • Entry to Senior-level Corporate Professionals
  • Startup Teams
  • Aspiring Intrapreneurs (recognized ‘Talent’ in a company)  
  • HR and Training Professionals (charged with fostering a culture of innovation) 

Duration: Interactive ~75-120min session (depending on client request)

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