Tzameret Fuerst
Tzameret Fuerst

Can a photo protect us from a raging tiger?

In most parts of the planet, there is no raging tiger on the highway, but the same primitive part of our brain is activated when someone annoys us and tries to cut our lane. Unfortunately, our brains are designed to retain and store trauma and bad experiences in the name of survival. To protect us.

How can we counter this? Where and how can we store the good, the joy, the happiness and the love?

Photos! We can counter the natural tendency of the mind to remember the bad by photographing the good, surfacing the positive emotions associated with the experiences.

But…we have become addicted to the click of a button. Google Photos, our “counter storage” space, is drowning with gazillions of meaningless screenshots and photos. So, we don’t look back.

At midnight tonight, Google is converting from free to fee based services. Maybe it’s high time to experience more and photograph less?

Not because of conventional wisdom that it takes away from our ability to be present (but, really, it does), but because it will ensure that we access the good, save a few bucks and counter that raging tiger in the back of our minds.

Go check your storage 😉

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